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Table 7d. Characteristics of Miscellaneous Drugs

Last Updated: March 6, 2023

  • The information in this table is derived from data on the use of these drugs for FDA-approved indications or in investigational trials. It is supplemented with data on the use of these drugs in patients with COVID-19, when available.
  • For dose modifications for patients with organ failure or those who require extracorporeal devices, please refer to product labels or EUAs, when available.
  • There are currently not enough data to determine whether certain medications can be safely coadministered with therapies for the treatment of COVID-19. When using concomitant medications with similar toxicity profiles, consider performing additional safety monitoring.
  • The potential additive, antagonistic, or synergistic effects and the safety of using certain combination therapies for the treatment of COVID-19 are unknown. Clinicians are encouraged to report AEs to the FDA Medwatch program.
  • For drug-drug interaction information, please refer to product labels and visit the Liverpool COVID-19 Drug Interactions website.
  • For the Panel’s recommendations on using the drugs listed in this table, please refer to the drug-specific sections of the Guidelines, Therapeutic Management of Nonhospitalized Adults With COVID-19, and Therapeutic Management of Hospitalized Adults With COVID-19.
Table 7d. Characteristics of Miscellaneous Drugs
Table 7d. Characteristics of Miscellaneous Drugs


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